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Community Park


The community park works under three classifications of the relationship between landscape and mass as a way to categorize and evaluate their intervention: cuddles (the intertwined relationship between masses where neither is the host nor the guest to the point where they become indistinguishable), inlays (subdivision to produce multiplicity out of a single element) and shaders (textures or graphics applied to geometry as a transition between mass and landscape to blur edges). Thus, a landscape can be seen as an accumulation of objects which are deployed at large scales with the ability to mutate and adapt to their surroundings and the specific demands of the program. These techniques have been applied to an expansive, tropical site in San Pedro Sula, Honduras to develop a proposal for a park that simultaneously addresses socio-political, environmental and material forces. A series of pavilions, that serve a double purpose as shading structures and playground equipment, melt into the rigid terracing of an excavated pit that bounds the park. A promenade overpasses the site, from which two ramps descend to allow access to the park.

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