Ha-Ha Social Condenser

in collaboration with:
Jackie Doyle, Kaixin Huang, Elise Zilius, Diego Becerra & Siraphob Khuptiphongkun

Elaborating on OMA’s vision of the Social Condenser, ha-ha seeks to imagine an urban forest that stretches both vertically, into the air in the form of super-thin towers, and horizontally, over the fabric of London’s Green Belt. Originally designed as a system of green spaces linked together to limit urban sprawl, the Green Belt has been threatened by the rapid expansion of the city. Te project takes precedent from ha-ha walls, a recessed landscape design element creating a vertical barrier while preserving an uninterrupted view of the landscape beyond. In our design, daily life is distilled into several moments throughout the day, going from extreme isolation in the towers to extreme collaboration in the social spaces surrounding each tower. The communities thus formed serve as a template to be duplicated at various sites throughout the Green Belt, providing an affordable alternative to life and housing costs in the city.

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