Philadelphia Arts Center


This project's site in South Philadelphia is part of the larger grid established during the founding of the city by William Penn between 1681 and 1682. The grid, its dimensions and equality, which span between the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers are integral to the city's DNA and has persisted even as it has morphed in its three and a half century record. The proposal builds upon this grid, by continuing the language of the adjacent blocks, as well as the characteristic interior courtyards of most city blocks. The arts center is intended to meet the needs of both the public, and independent artists by bringing them together in a mutually-supporting environment. As such, the facility contains expansive gallery spaces, classrooms, offices and individual studios throughout three floors. A triangular circulation pattern intertwines the program and leads up to the top floor, which boldly defies the grid, jetting through - and out of the primary structure. It offers amphitheater seating, with views of the park and Philadelphia skyline.

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