Syracuse, New York

The Place of Reflection is a proposal for a new memorial to complement the existing Place of Remembrance in front of the Hall of Languages. The existing memorial is located in a prominent location and is engaged in a series of remembrance ceremonies, whereas my proposal seeks to provide a peaceful, secluded location for students to reflect on the tragedy of Pan Am Flight 103 and on anything that may be on their minds. The site for this structure would be on the side of the Mount, adjacent to the stairs, where it will be easily accessible from the main campus below and Freshmen dorms at the top. The pavilion itself is partially dug into the ground, and boldy emerges from its foundation as a thin-shell structure that hugs the space within. There is a dual level organization, with a sweeping opening that captures a unique view of campus, and its daily inhabitants. The raised stoop allows space for an inscription.

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