Meditation Cabin Perspective Section-01.
Cabin Worms Eye View-01.png
Cabin Massing Diagrams-01.png
Meditation Cabin Exploded Axon-01.png

Screen Play

in collaboration with:
Jack Hymowitz & Elyse Killkelley

This is a competition entry: With an abundance of clay deposits in the region, the ceramic brick becomes the core element of SCREEN PLAY. Through an iterative process, four brick types are developed strategically to organize the pinwheeled plan of the meditation cabin. Bricks are arranged in the exterior walls of the cabin to maximize the interplay of light, wind and rain, as well as to frame specific views of the site’s scenic overlook. A double-walled section of the cabin allows for storage of essentials, and creates a partition between the interior portion of the cabin and the attached open air courtyard. Bricks are stacked within a steel frame, which supports the roof structure. The sloped roof funnels rainwater towards a central basin, which doubles as a hand washing station. Water is filtered and released to the surrounding garden through a canal that follows the geometry of the floor plates.

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