IPA located our 2018 Residency in Queens, the largest and most diverse borough in New York City. Our Fellows utilized and made accessible community district data, as-of-right zoning, and other relevant mapping research for the neighborhoods surrounding Flushing Meadow Corona Park. Combined with the leveraging of under-utilized neighborhood assets and untapped spatial opportunities, the Fellows worked with community members to create innovative and appropriately scaled design responses.


Nadine Maleh was the Executive Director of the IPA, and is now working with the Mayor's Office in the Close Rikers Initiative. I have worked with her closely throughout my time at the IPA and sat down with her for an interview for the ARCHITEXX: WOMEN ARE EVERYWHERE video contest.

IPA Summer Fellowship

Queens, New York

"The Institute for Public Architecture uses design to challenge social and physical inequities in the city. We address urgent issues of design and policy by mobilizing our network of activists, professionals, government officials and community stakeholders." As part of its mission, the IPA runs a summer residency program for local architects and designers that provides the opportunity to research and design outside of the normal 9-5. Starting in 2018, I worked as a research assistant with the IPA throughout this residency, helping with events, digital graphics and logistics. I continue to work with the IPA to help expand its vision.

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