Thick Facade


Thick Facade is located in SoHo, Manhattan. Although many buildings in this neighborhood follow the typical masonry party wall construction found throughout Lower Manhattan, the prevailing construction type in SoHo is cast iron frame. These buildings feature tall ceilings and large window openings for ample interior daylighting to allow for manufacturing in a time before electric lighting. Although those days have past, these cast irons have found a significant afterlife as residences, offices, art galleries and boutiques. The relationship between building form and programmed use is in this way shown to not be definitely bound. Thick Facade therefore seeks to both respond to and re-shape the primary construction types in this neighborhood by following a three-bay system with subdivisions in elevation while protruding in section to create moments of transparency through the "thick" facade system. The plaster ribbons that form the envelope of the structure are interrupted to create balconies and connections in various configurations. This protruding system creates numerous portals that frame the street to either side of the building, as well as provide ample daylighting to the interior co-working space.

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